Our AI® Development Services

Innovellent is one among the Best Artificial intelligence AI Development Companies in India & USA. We have our innovation Center in Bangalore and other corporate offices in California, USA and Dubai, UAE. Our unique offerings in AI solve complex business problems and can add tremendous value to the businesses. Artificial Intelligence has got the super power with many matured algorithms available in different technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, predictive analysis, machine reasoning, and other AI techniques.

AI In Financial Sectors

Financial sectors including banks make use of AI to figure out fraudulent activities. The database included in the Artificial intelligence software can easily distinguish valid and invalid transactions. If any invalid transaction is detected, it gets blocked automatically and thereby allowing zero fraud activities. Enormous applications of AI other than fraud detection are also widely been used by financial sectors.

AI In Retail Industry

AI enabled chat bots are widely been used in the retail industries to maintain the interaction with their customers. These chat bots which can identify natural language, can have interactions with customers just like the way a human respond. Futuristic chat bots are capable of identifying human emotions through chats and are programmed to act accordingly.

AI In Cyber Security

As technology is growing at a huge pace, the rate of cyber-crimes are increasing each day. Humans are capable of identifying and defending these crimes up to some extends only. As a solution for this deadly threat, AI enabled algorithms are designed. These programs are capable of detecting cyber-attacks, identifying the issues and adapting the proper measures for prevention.

AI In Health care

With the application of AI, health care industry has taken a huge leap in diagnosing and treatment. With the help of AI, Surgical robots were developed. They are able to perform surgeries and other treatments. Application of AI in health care resulted in developing medicines, which are highly efficient.

Chatbots Development

Intelligent Chat bots developed by DxMinds can add values to industries such as customer care, Sales, Banking sector, HR etc. Our implementation is followed by unique features such as NLP, work flows Integration via API’s and support for various authentication types etc. We are well versed with various Chatbot platforms like Microsoft Luis,, and Amazon Lex etc. Our prime aim is to build powerful, custom, robust and intelligent Chat bots that meet your business requirement.