Our Blockchain® Development Services

When it comes to Blockchain Technology App developments, immediately we think that it is something related to Banking & Finance or Bit coin. Blockchain Technology is not only limited to this, but it is widely getting used in almost all top industries. Examples are: Messaging App, Ride Sharing, Education systems, Car leasing & Sales, Cloud storage, forecasting, real estate, healthcare and many more. DxMinds is the early adaptor of Blockchain Technology and the best Block chain service provider based in Bangalore, California and Dubai.

Messaging Apps

Telegram is still building up its Blockchain based platform called TON (telegram open network) that evaluate Telegram’s assistance into payments, documents, oversight verification for its 200 M clients. Other messaging Apps are going to use Blockchain Technology for different use cases as well.


Potential uses for Blockchain in libraries include helping libraries extend their administration by building an enhanced metadata chronicle, building up a convention for supporting network-based accumulations, and facilitating progressively viable administration of digital rights

Music/Entertainment Rights And IP

Entertainment promoter are turning towards Blockchain to make content sharing more candid for makers for using smart contracts. Startups and enterprises are using Blockchain Technology in their product to bring more transparency across the digital information ecosystem. Starting from BFSI to Supply chain management all are implementing Blockchain Technology. Here is the most innovative use of Blockchain in different industries.