Contracts and Obligations Management System (COMS)

Contracts and Obligations Management System (COMS) is an enterprise-class solution to automate the complete contract process and efficiently manage all the contracts and related obligations. COMS helps in creation and management of Contract Attributes (Metadata), Contract Creation, Contractual Obligations Management and track Litigations and Appeals arising from contracts.

COMS allows organizations to easily capture contract metadata and attach it to various levels within organization hierarchy such as Entities, Divisions, Departments, Locations etc. Additional custom attributes as well as custom contract types can also be added in the contract and an intuitive tree view with drill-down capability helps to navigate to any specific contract.

Obligations grouped by contracts are available in one location with all the details and related documents. Adding new obligations to track and manage is a breeze in COMS with the in-built search functionality directly against the contract text. Obligations can also be added from a predefined list or they can be entered manually.


Document Management

  • Repository for contracts and related documents
  • Robust search tool to navigate required documents
  • Configurable access and alerts

User Management

  • User mapping to organization’s structure
  • Role based segregation as Contract Requesters and Contract Creators
  • Approval authority in Contract Creators can be grouped for faster execution

Workflow-based System

  • Configurable workflow to process contracts
  • Configurable custom attributes as well as custom contract types
  • Link facility of amendments, addendums, supportive documents to Master Agreement

Dashboard & Reports

  • Integrated view of contract status
  • Advanced Search option
  • Alerts on expiry and obligation execution