A complete education & eLearning platform which collaborate amoung Student, Parents and Teacher

This platform provides a complete learning in the classroom and beyond classroom. ECT360 connects students, parents and educators to a single platform allowing continous learning, interaction and feedback.

We endeavour to bridge the knowledge gap between the system and the industry needs with our application based laerning tools.

Mobile App User

  • Student
  • Parents
  • Teacher

Desktop User

  • School Admin
  • Teacher

Student Features

  • My Wall / Feed
  • Learn
  • Homework / Todo's
  • Test
  • Performance
  • Communication
  • Library

Parent Features

  • My Wall / Feed /Broadcast
  • Performance
  • Bus Tracking
  • Poll
  • Communication
  • Fee, Others

Teacher Features

  • My Wall / Feed
  • Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Homework
  • Communication
Module Web based Application Android App iOS App Who Can Login Purpose
(content managment stsyem)
Product owner Mobile responsive web based application to configure and set data to onboard school, setup board, class, subject, chapters, resource ,options, test.
School Admin School Admin & Staff Mobile responsive web application to onboard student, teachers, broadcast, Poll, Holiday calender , and setup board class, subject, chapters, resource ,options, test Manage Library books.
Student Student An android and iOS app, Student can read/watch image, pdf or video resources, give test,challenge friend, get feed/broadcast/homework, chat, review performance, Manage Library books.
Parent Parent An android and iOS app, Parent can feed/broadcast/homework, chat, review performance, track bus, pay fee.
Teacher Teacher An android and iOS app along with mobile responsive application to project in classroom. Main feature are attendance , time table, chat and to post feed ,homework & results.