Our Mobile App® Development Services

We develop native and hybrid app in cross platform Android, iOS and Windows with accurate implementation of the business requirements yet we keep it simple, eccentric and provide the best user experience to its users.

Lead Management System for Enterprises

We built lead management systems for international banks, retail companies, and medium enterprises alike. Our LMS solutions enabled the clients to drastically increase conversion and take a competitive edge. We incorporate the most useful emerging technologies like AI, ML, and big data, so you can get the best of enterprise software. Know more about our LMS solutions.

Practo-type Doctors’ Appointment Booking Platform

Our omnichannel online doctors’ appointment booking solution has transformed the operations of many healthcare providers worldwide. We combined the power of website and mobile apps to create quick and easy access to healthcare services. Features like location-based services, personalized dashboards, and one-tap connectivity make our solution a top choice in the healthcare industry. Know more about the doctors’ appointment booking solution.

Document Management System for Large Corporations

We developed a cloud-based document management system (DMS) for a multinational alcohol beverage company. The SharePoint solution enabled the company to share and manage documents seamlessly across departments. It also bolstered the security of critical information and streamlined content management. The unique features of SharePoint also fostered inter-departmental and inter-organizational collaboration. Read the full story of the SharePoint DMS.

Software Ecosystem for Education Services

OrangeMantra developed software infrastructure for an education and recruitment service provider in South Africa. The software system enabled the organization to manage services and communicate effortlessly with students, institutions, companies, and fund providers. The software system combines the power of a mobile app and the web to create digital education and recruitment services. Read more about the software system.