PORTFOLIO: Few of our recent features projects are listed here.


Client : Capex Ltd.-UK

paybookclub is a cloud based social network on mobiles using mongo databse. Finger Print/IRIS bio-metric scan is implemented. Here members get paid for their status update with content and for the likes, shares and comments they make on status posts of other members. Members will also get a monthly loyalty reward based on the time they spend on paybookclub.

Key Features:
  Highest level of security by strong encryption
  A Free Social Network on your mobile which rewards you in Dollars and Cents.
  Monetise your Status Updates to hard cash.
  Get paid for your likes, shares and comments.
  Get a Loyalty Bonus for your time spent on Social Networking

IOT Project to track Vehicle movement & ETA    

An IOT project based on GPS, GPRS to track vehicles as per the geo location. The project involves development of Android & iOS Mobile App along with development of Admin Backend tool to manage admin activities and for data mappings.

Key Features:
Live tracking of vehicles .   
GPS tracking .  

    Red Book Seller        

Client :Digital-Oil, USA

"Red Book Seller is a wordpress project to enable drop find suitable product seeker and vice versa for eBay platform They can utilize this platform mutually beneficial opportunities".

Key Features:
  Payment & Subscription is integrated with Paypal.
   A common platform for Product Seeker, Dropshipeer and Affiliate Members .
   Creating an online Sales Force Amazon to eBay Arbitrage.
   Affiliate membership programe.

Mobility solution for school children safety     

IOT project based on GPS, GPRS and RFID device data capturing which solves the problem of safety of school children. The project involves development of Mobile App to track child's bus location, boarding events and development of Admin Backend tool to manage parent, child, bus, route, driver and transport manager details and mappings. The Admin tool also contains a live tracking dashboard which shows location of all buses in real time.

Key Features:
   Live tracking of all buses .
  Child's bus tracking .
  Child's boarding event tracking .
  Bus timing tracking .
  Driver's feedback .

Mobility solution for coaching company     

The Mobile app offers an efficient solution to scheduling and tracking counselling sessions including feedback management.

Key Features:
  Company onboarding.
   Employee/Family registration .
   Counselling session booking and tracking.
   Coach availability, assignment and tracking.
   Counselling session feedback management.
   Training session registration and feedback management.


Client : Jindal Naturecure-India

PRM(Patient Relationship Management) is a Mobile responsive Hospital Management System. This is web based online patient relationship management system for Jindal Naturecure Institute which has made patient correspondence , enquiries, accommodation booking, payments/Refunds and application approvals completely paperless.

Key Features:
  Mobile Responsive Product which has customizable features like Social Signup, Profile Management, Individual/Group Application Process, Multi-Level online Enquiry, Reservation & Room Booking, Accounts, Online Payments, Refunds and forfietures, Reports, Dashboards etc..


Client : RRTec - India/USA

RRTEC is an ACCREDITED FIRM by AERB & certified to function as a QA facilitator and partner to bring X-Ray based equipment under the purview of the AERB. RRtec provides services for QA, TLD Badges, Layout Approval, Licensing for Medical equipment owned by Hospitals or individual centers.

Key Features:
  Mobile Responsive CRM Tool Development which has modules like Account, Services, Marketing,Customer, Personal etc..
   Cross platforn native Android & iOS App development
  App Modules: Customer, Services, Admin, Lead, Agent
  The app covers end2end flow from Profile management, Lead generation to completion of Service along with uploading the scan documents and processing of secured documents along with payment processing

  SAPPY-Be Safe Be Happy         

Client : Sappy-India

This Android app is to provide safety along with emergency help, When somebody driving or traveling and need help.
Key Features:
  SOS no. access by locked screen
  Text to phone(ttS) Android feature
  SOS no. access by locked screen
  Text to phone(ttS) Android feature


Client : Partnered Co.

A cloud based complete HRMS and Lead as well as project tracker system.

Key Features:
   Cloud based HRMS System.
  A multi function dashboard for employee, admin, client & freelancer.
  Automated project Management.
  A robust workflow for Lead & Client Management.

KonnectID- A SalesForce Integration Project

Client : IO Tech LLC-USA

This is a SalesForce integration project which builds a scalable connector and billing and management system integrate MindBody to Salesforce using NodeJS and AgularJS. It has got reach customer facing UI.

Key Features:
   Followed Agile-Scrm implementation methodology
   Developed rich UI front end using Zade, Foundation 6, Angular 2
  Used NodeJS API, Heroku
  Used tools like ZIRA(project management Tool), BitBukect(Version Control), Cloud 9(Dev Env)
  Security Feature: JWT Web Tokens, SSL,Oath2


Client : Technovellent-UAE

This project is to build user friendly, creative designed Android & iOS app along with web Admin tool. Customer’s of Techovellent can use this app to search, get notified and avail the benefits attached to payment instruments (Credit, Prepaid and Debit) and gift vouchers Consumers should be able to register and attach their cards and vouchers on mobile App so that available offers can be linked to the card and vouchers.

Key Features:
  Offers will be imported thru Card Service provider PI Call,Manual Excel Upload as well as Manual Entry
  Social Sign-On & Geo-Location based offer notification push
  Manage your expenses and coupons

Diagnostic Automation             

Client :Funded Startup(Not to be disclosed)

This is web as well as Mobile app which will connect Patient, Doctor, Labs with online prescription, health tracking thru FitBit integration.

Key Features:
   Patient Dashbaord and Health Recording
  Health Tracking
   Samrt Prescription & Dr's referral
   Online appointment & Sample collection

Litigation Management System    

Client : Clonect

LMS is an intranet based web product development to manage litigation processes for a company.

Key Features:
   Case Management
   Task Management
   Document Management

EMS(Employee Stock Option)   

Client : Clonect

ESOP(Employee Stock Option) is an intranet based web product development to manage employee stock option processes.

Key Features:
  Scheme definition
  Granting of sharing
  Vesting of shares
  Exercise of shares
  Various approval workflows


Client : IINMAS-India/US


Indian Institute of Muclear Medicine and Scanning (IINMAS) been in the field of nuclear medicine. IINMAS is successfully running nuclear medicine units across the north India and provide various types of Nuclear Scan for Whole Body Bone, Renal/kidney, Strees Thallium/Myocardial Perfusion For Heart Thyhroid, Brain Perfusion Spect,

Key Features:
  Mobile Responsive Health Care systems having modules like Patient Registration, Dr's referral, Scan scheduling, Treatment, Inventory, Payment, Payroll & Expenses tracking with approval workflow

Inno Idea                Inno Idea

Client : EIS-Canada

Inno Idea is an Employee Idea System. It's a mobile friendly cloud based HR service with user friendly dashboard allows you to easy view and gather powerful employee suggestions and ideas. Mobile Responsive User, creation, approval and Idea Entry System. Multi level, Login access for Co. Rep, Admin and Employee

Key Features:
  Mobile responsive cloud based HR portal
  Co. Rep signup and get his own dashboard with multi level access to add, approve employee
  2 Type of System: Employee login and Open System where employee doesn't need signup
  Admin dashboad with online approval and reporting
  Email/SMS messaging link generation to submit ideas by using SMS gateway

SalesForce Integration   

Client :sales

This project integrats Salesforce CRM with Mindbody CRM via the service layer by utilizing MindBody’s capabilities of exposing live data.

The SFDC working connector have the following capabilities :
  Create Leads on Salesforce for client registrations on MindBody
   Convert the lead to contact
  3. Keep Client information on Sync when Mindbody CRM goes through client profile changes.

Market Place    

A Marketplace App to bring Buyer and Seller on common platform. GPS feature should be built in to know the location of the user and the app should display the detail in localized language. Registered user is going to upload their offering that will be visible in the choice of the location ( with gps capability), so that will be displayed in the marketplace.

Key Features:

Place Finder                 

Client : Place Finder-India

This is an app to find near by places based on keyword search. It lists the places with distance and rating and also shows on map with poly lines all near by places. Tapping on a place shows just that place in the map and also opens details of address, phone no, rating and place link
Key Features:
  Tap on "find" button and see hospitals listed as well as plotted in map
  See the place details - address, phone no, rating, place link etc. call, sms and share via whatsapp.
  Tap on direction button in the map


Client : Digital-Oil - USA

This is energy conservation project. Android & iOS app will be using BLE devices to transfer data. We have developed web profile management and dashboard for USA client to show energy consumption data through various summary reports and charts. This picks data from BLE devices