Mobile app built in IONIC for GST Compliance


The Client

Our client is a leading product company in India who have sold products in compliance domain to many clients. They have also developed GST solution for compliance named GSTStar.

About The App

GSTStar is the mobile app developed for Clonect solutions private limited for GST compliance. This app has same functionality as the cloud based web version of GST Star

Features :

  • logo Outward supply summary
  • logo Inward supply summary
  • logo Manage returns
  • logo Manage reconciliation
  • logo Manage FAQ
  • logo Sale invoice create/update/delete/search
  • logo Purchase invoice create/update/delete/search
  • logo Messaging/communication with other parties to facilitate reconciliation


The major challenge was creatively displaying huge amount of data in App considering limited width and height since it needed to capture and show all invoice related details. There are many dropdowns/filters that need to be applied to get the details which was taking lot of mobile layout space.