Mobile Apps and Back Admin tool to provide coaching, counselling and training solutions


The Client

Human Dynamic (HD) is a global provider of Integrated Solution for Leadership and Change. This app provides the user to access Human Dynamic’s services

About The App

‘Human Dynamics’-Scheduling mobile application is offering an efficient management of the services provided by ‘Human Dynamic Services’ over the Android and IOS platforms. The different interfaces for this application will be
-Employee/Family Member Interface,
-Coach Interface and
-Admin Interface (Backend-Website).
The services include scheduling of 3 counseling services such as :
-Work Life Coaching,
-Wellness Coaching and
-L&D Coaching
based on the booking request from Employee/Family member, based on the services tied up with the clients/organizations. The coach and Employee/Family member will also be able to view and manage all the updates about the bookings of the past and which are requested. This application is having the Chat and hotline connectivity features where the Users can connect with the Admin. The application should have the feature to notify the users about the booking, appointments, articles published. The Users should be able to provide feedback, ratings and complaints about various services.

Features :

  • logo Session Scheduling for employee and family menber
  • logo Counselling session booking coins which can be traded or HODLed like Bitcoin.
  • logo Counselling session booking
  • logo Wellness session booking
  • logo Coach availability and assignment
  • logo Session modification, tracking and closure
  • logo L&D training management
  • logo Management of employee, family, coach profiles.


There were too many business rules on the scheduling and tracking along with complex approval and assignment work flow. Coach availability, along with his/her leave planning and slot duration conflicts.