Invoice Tracking System

Invoice Tracker was designed to automate your accounts receivable process. Connect and sync invoices from your Time Tracker + Billing account and start chasing down unpaid bills in just a few clicks.


The Client

QuEST Global is a product engineering company in the Aero Engines, Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech & Industrial, Medical Devices, Oil & Gas, Power, and Transportation verticals


A Comprehensive Invoice Tracking System for end-to-end real-time tracking of lifecycle of Invoice from generation till full payment which will have following broad features:-
-Automation of Invoice for Sending and Payment Reminder process
-Tracking of lifecycle of Invoice by Realtime updates of all actions/events
-Provide visibility to all stakeholders on status of Invoice
-Task assignment and management between various stakeholders
-Communication between stakeholders
-Dashboards and reports for stakeholders

Features :

  • logo Roles: System Admin, Invoice Team, Collection Team, Delivery Sales, Program Manager. Managemenet Level, CXO
  • logo  Dashboard: Outstanding as on Today, Due by current Month, Overdue as on today, Collected in Current month, Forcasted for the current month, Key Trends(AR Trends & Metrics), Due & Overdues, DSO & Credit Days, Invoice Status, Manage Task, Communication/Chat
  • logo  Invoice:Invoice Action and Status, Manage Task,Invoice Detail, Communication/Chat
  • logo Caht/Communicate with the stakeholders who all have access to a particular invoice
  • logo Setting options: Profile, Payment Reminder, Email Template, Report, Status, Import


The challenge was to develop a very complex Invoice Tracking System for end-to-end real-time tracking of lifecycle of Invoice which was integrated with multiple other leagcy systems.


Our team worked hard to deliver on time and with good quality web based product. We built the product on latest technologies and a higly configurable custom was used for integration.


The client was delighted by the solution we provided. We have got few more product development projects.