Content based learning mobile app. Which interacts among Stdent, Parent and Teacher


The Client

Mexus education is an education innovations enterprise of the multi-faceted bilakhia group based in Vapi (Gujarat) with presence now extended in South East Asia, UAE, and Canada. It is a global venture by the Bilakhia Group. Bilakhia group is a renowned name in industries such as inks, resins, adhesives, wire enamels, agro-chemical and life science industries. The Bilakhia Holdings have made major strategic and visionary investments in development of new age products and services to cater to the urgent needs of the country’s 1.8 million moribund primary and secondary schools.

About The App

Mexus Learning App offers comprehensive teaching-learning solutions blending several instruction and evaluation techniques addressing the concerns of all stakeholders of the schooling domain. Mexus connects with students at every level This app has specific feature of content based learning technique with individual pace and style of learning of each and every student.

Features :

  • logo Providing a seamless platform for collaberation between Students,Parents and Teachers.
  • logo Platform for students learning through mindmap,images and videos.
  • logo Online and realtime selftest and challenge others.
  • logo Pay Student Fees online.
  • logo Route guide, pickup, drop off locations visible on map
  • logo Pay Student Fees online.
  • logo Assign homework to each class.
  • logo Real Time bus tracking


The challenge was to develop a very complex system to manage ESOP processes along with realtime and accurate perquisite tax calculation based on taxable income which should be better than competitor product.


This project has various roles)parent, teacher, student) and platforms: Back Admin tool to manage questions and contents and thier relationships, School Admin to manage day2day school activities. This mobile app is having around 200 pages. The main challenge was to design and deveop the product so that all cross functional relation run seamlessly at the same time keep the app size low..