Software Product Development

In Product Conceptualization Phase, we extend Business Analysis capability in Software Product Development and help your Product Manager to improve functional as well as technical aspects of the product to make it more competitive and viable in the market.

All product quality assurance functions are handled by an independent QA department whose sole mission is the quality of your product at its every aspect. Independence from the development team guarantees that you always get correct understanding of the quality and will be able to make informed decisions based on that information.

We are tied with several enthusiastic developers across many cities in India. Such a distributed, but flat and flexible organization structure enables close communication with your team and improves efficiency.

We have a strong focus on a service-based business model. This is one of the principal points we are building our work around and it is designed and implemented to protect our clients from unfair competition practices. Strong corporate policies, standards and infrastructure protect client Intellectual Property from being used by anybody else.

Technologies : Front End & Middle Layer - .Net, PHP, Java, Angular 2, Nodejs, MySQL, SQL Server, Mongo DB.