Guardian App

A mobile app to track people using mobile divice for safety reson


Our client is a highly creative team who came up with idea of building a mobile app to track people using mobile only without the need of any additional smart device.

About the App

Guardian app is a mobile app to track people. In this app, one can add upto 5 guardians who can track if there is any risk around safety during travel. Apart from tracking, it also has highly creative feature called reach me where a group of people can plan to reach to a location and track each other on the app. No need to do so many phone calls to understand who is where.


Registration and add upto five guardians

Create circle and add curcle members

Locate all guadians in the map

Track me request to guardians and circle members

Live tracking of people who have sent track me request

Reach me request for a group of people to reach a common location

Live tracking of all people as part of reach me request

Show safety related near by places like hospitals,ambulance,blood
   bank,police station etc.

Add safe and unsafe zones to be shown in the map.

Push notification to guardian on entry and exit of safe zone and various
   other scenarios like track me request, reach me request etc.


The challenge was to develop a mobile app which always runs in background with minimal battery and pushes individual's coordinates to database. Another expectation was around movement of people in the map should be very smooth.