Our client is highly creative set of people who came up with idea to create a safety solution for school kids for their commute in school buses.


The client had signed up a deal with Israel based company to purchase GPS/GPRS and RFID devices which was installed in school buses for tracking. The requirement was to build an OLA/UBER kind of application which shows Realtime movement of school buses along with various events.


ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, IOS,Android.


Bus tracking using GPS, GPRS

Bus tracking using GPS, GPRS

Student attendance using RFID cards

Add additional spouse/guardian as tracker

Route guide, pickup, drop off locations visible on map

SOS feature for alerting during emergency

Bus dashboard and live tracking for transport manager

Device status dashboard for effective helpdesk and service assurance

Pick up, drop off and leave requests management


The challenges was to develop a mobile app based hassle free highly user friendly system for tracking of school kids and buses.

The movement of the bus was supposed to as smooth as OLA/UBER. There were many complex logic to determine bus started and multiple routes. Listener was supposed to be developed to read Realtime GPS data through IP and port. highly user friendly system for tracking of school kids and buses.

There were complex logic to plot route and show bus or kid photo in map with Realtime movement.